Congratulations to Ivy & Geoff. Baby Melina was born Tuesday October 23rd.

Meet Malina Jenkins! She was born October 23, 2018 at 3:38 am, after 27 hours of labor for Ivy (whoa), at 18.5″ long, weighing 7 lbs 6 ounces.

Good luck with the recovery Ivy and enjoy those precious moments of staring at your newborn daughter 🙂

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Kittie’s debut album ‘Spit’, released 1999, was featured in Kerrangs ’21 Greatest Nu-Metal Albums of All Time’. 

They ranked it as number 16.

For better or worse, nu-metal marked metal revolution in many senses. Even still, it never proved capable of breaking down the boys-club of old. One excellent exception to that rule was Canadian all-female outfit Kittie. Built around the core duo of sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander – who were 17 and 15 respectively on this debut LP’s release – the Ontario quartet traded in a pulse-quickening combination of snarling riffage and punkish attitude (a blend of Korn’s heaviosity and the Riot Grrrl attitude of Hole and L7) and lyrics dealing with sexism, hatred, ignorance, betrayal and bullying. Song-titles like Suck, Spit, Get Off (You Can Eat A Dick) and Do You Think I’m A Whore bristle with unequivocal provocation. That fits perfectly.


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Congratulations to Mercedes and Stephen! They got engaged in early September. (Announced September 10th, my own parents wedding anniversary).

Best of luck and wishing you so much happiness in the future.

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THE WHITE SWAN have released American tour dates for their ‘TOUCH TASTE DESTROY’ EP.

And also check out this phenomenal live version of Touch Taste Destroy

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The White Swan will release their new EP ‘TOUCH TASTE DESTROY’ on September 7th.


01. Touch Taste Destroy
02. Pelvic Sorcery
03. Inamorato

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Revolver has released a list of the top 20 essential nu-metal albums. Kittie’s ‘Spit’ is at lucky number 13.

Kittie’s core sister duo of Morgan (vocals, guitar) and Mercedes Lander (drums) were just 17 and 15, respectively, when the band dropped its breakthrough debut album, Spit, which made brash, no-holds-barred songs like “Do You Think I’m a Whore” and “Get Off (You Can Eat a Dick)” all the more shocking and hard-hitting. Nearly 20 years later, the group’s take-no-shit attitude, primal playing and mix of little-girl sing-song and I-am-woman roars aligns them as much with Nineties riot-grrrl firestarters like Babes in Toyland, L7 and Hole as it does nu-metal.



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The White Swan have a few upcoming shows:

July 27th @ Coalition: T.O. Toronto, Ontario. 

Queens of Metal 3 w/High Heels Lo Fi, White Swan,A.D.& Hysterics

September 7th @ The Jam Shop, Decatur, Alabama.

White Swan/Close The Hatch/I Am The Law/Inclination of direction

September 8th @ Autograph Rehearsal Studio, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The White Swan/IATL/Close the Hatch/Existing In Exile

Info on The White Swan facebook 


An articles page was added, a selection of nice articles on the band through the years.

The gallery is an ongoing process, but I have added some members sections.

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The GALLERY has been updated with pictures from the early days – the Spit and Oracle album.


Interviews‘ & ‘Video Interviews’ have been added.

We toyed with the idea of doing an Archive for the website, but it’s easier having everything here. The website itself is now best described as an archive!

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Morgan was on stage at the Rock Legends Night last week (slow updates around here).

Morgan also appeared on the Talk Toomey Metal Nexus podcast, listen here 

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There’s a methodical retelling of the band’s chronology and no shortage of archival footage with some thoroughly iconic 00’s looks. (Black lipstick and braces! Spaghetti straps and JNCOs! Barrette clips and middle parts!)

STEREOGUM blessed us with this article Here’s to 20 years of Kittie




Psychology Today posted an interview with Mercedes & Morgan talking about their 20 year history.

For us we’ve always made it a point to not talk about our political views or religious views. Or even really focus on a women’s movement in general. For me I always thought that our presence spoke for itself. – Morgan

Morgan revealed that she is working on a music project which is due an album out late 2018. Cryptic Rock

I do have another project I am working on. It is with a few members of Blackguard from Montreal.

I can’t wait for that.

Brackish was released 18 years ago. It can legally drink alcohol in Ireland!

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Current Projects
Help celebrate 20 years of Kittie with a DVD featuring never before seen footage, and a tell-all book that digs deep to give you the story behind the music.
Witchfinger Horror Podcast
Morgan, Yasmina & Megan. Horror movie podcasts. Read more here
The White Swan
Featuring drummer Mercedes Lander on guitar and vocals. Read more here
The Alcohollys
Featuring drummer Mercedes Lander and former member Tanya Candler on bass. Read more here