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There isn’t much going on in Kittie Land. But, here is a picture of Morgan with producer and good friend Siegfried Meyer.

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2018 saw the release of Kittie’s Origins/Evolutions documentary and the White Swans ‘Touch Taste Destroy’ EP. I promise I’ll be more present in 2019 and keep the website up to date with goings on of Kittie. Fingers crossed they will give us new music again next year. Happy New Year Kittie fans!!

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Congratulations to Ivy & Geoff. Baby Melina was born Tuesday October 23rd. Meet Malina Jenkins! She was born October 23, 2018 at 3:38 am, after 27 hours of labor for Ivy (whoa), at 18.5″ long, weighing 7 lbs 6 ounces. Good luck with the recovery Ivy and enjoy those precious moments of staring at your newborn daughter 🙂

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Congratulations to Mercedes and Stephen! They got engaged in early September. (Announced September 10th, my own parents wedding anniversary). Best of luck and wishing you so much happiness in the future.

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I missed a few Movie Clip Mondays, here is what Kittie have been posting: Recording Oracle Recording In The Black Fallon meets Morgan Brackish blows up Tara and Trish join   Morgan, Mercedes & Jenn spoke to Loudwire about sexism and mansplaining.  

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It is with immeasurable sadness that we share news of the passing of our sister and best friend Trish Doan. Finding the right words is tough. She was so bright and vibrant and talented and we loved her and still do. She was so much more than just a musician or member of the band. She was our blood, our sister and family. Finding our way without her will be

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Happy hump-day birthday to Morgan, the loveliest of ladies. We hope you have a great day. Love Karen & Maria xxx

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Happy New Year to you all. Kittie documentary will be out this year! Stay tuned for a release date.

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It’s been a while since we have updated, simply because anything that is happening with Kittie hasn’t been released to the public yet! In the mean time (and over the Christmas period) we will be updating the website with interviews/articles/audio etc. etc. So there will be a huge archive from 1996-present to celebrate the Kittie documentary due with us in 2016!

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Current Projects
Help celebrate 20 years of Kittie with a DVD featuring never before seen footage, and a tell-all book that digs deep to give you the story behind the music.
Witchfinger Horror Podcast
Morgan, Yasmina & Megan. Horror movie podcasts. Read more here
The White Swan
Featuring drummer Mercedes Lander on guitar and vocals. Read more here
The Alcohollys
Featuring drummer Mercedes Lander and former member Tanya Candler on bass. Read more here