We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. In between celebrations I have found some old interviews that were fun to watch. Morgan with long hair and Jenn showing off her ‘new’ tattoo, about 2002 or 2003? Dynasty of Darkness. No Name & Brackish Fallon was Metal Chick of the Month on Headbanging Moose, there is a nice write up about her and what she is doing. Regarding the writing and

December 28th, 2017  No Comments update

Kittie’s 20th Anniversary night went down a storm. Everyone was posting pictures and videos and sharing the love for those of us that couldn’t be there. Melissa has sent us the following clips of My Plague and Cut Throat: More to follow….

November 6th, 2017  No Comments documentary, The White Swan, update

“I feel like we have the greatest fans in the world, they’re so dedicated,” said Mercedes. “We’ve never really told the true story of the band before — we’ve kept everything very close to us. There were a lot of things that people didn’t know . . . they deserve to know all of the hardships, all of the great triumphs, everything.” Read the rest of the article here Witch

October 21st, 2017  No Comments documentary, update

MORGAN Lander to sing with Lindsay Schoolcraft on new Rocky Grey album. Read the feature here: Bravewords. “If you told me at 16 years old that I would be doing a duet with Morgan Lander from Kittie on a song with Rocky Gray (original drummer of Evanescence) I would have NEVER believed it! But here we are, world! Very excited to work on this track for Rocky’s Horror Anthology, 10/31!

October 8th, 2017  No Comments Collaboration, documentary, update

Morgan will be a special guest tomorrow morning at 9:30AM EST on CHRW’s Saturday Morning with Howie Zowie, discussing the documentary among other topics. Tune in to 94.9FM in London or chrwradio.ca to listen! Listen here Sound Cloud

August 11th, 2017  No Comments update

Check out this amazing live video for ‘Lions’, filmed at Starlight, Waterloo, Ontario. April 7 2017 Morgan’s Thelema Crystal Skulls are featured in Cradle of Filth’s new video ‘Heartbreak and Seance.’ Congrats to Morgan!

July 12th, 2017  No Comments The White Swan, update

Kittie vocalist/guitarist Morgan Lander guests on the new track from Karkaos, who feature drummer Justine Ethier of Blackguard fame. Lander lends her voice to the track “Kolossòs“, with a new music video available below. Lander‘s parts kick in at around 2:52 in. The song is taken from Karkaos‘ new album, “Children Of The Void“, out May 18th. theprp.com More info: Karkaos Facebook // Karkaos Bandcamp

May 1st, 2017  No Comments Collaboration, update

Happy Birthday to Mercedes. We wish you a lovely day. Mercedes recently revealed her Yamaha Raydeen drum advertisement.

January 25th, 2017  No Comments update

Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! We still haven’t heard anything about the Kittie documentary due this year but fingers crossed 2017 will be their year. In the meantime, Kittie posted via their instagram that they were entered into the Jack Richardson Hall of Fame. source Mercedes spoke to Noisey about her current band White Swan, read it here (where she assures the reader there is

December 30th, 2016  No Comments The White Swan, update

Mercedes has revealed her new band ‘The White Swan’. “The Feeling Of Darkness About To Boil Over Into Chaos Just Underneath The Surface” The White Swan is: Mercedes Lander – drums, vocals, keyboards, guitar Shane Jeffers – guitar Kira Longeuay – bass I assume we will be hearing more about The White Swan soon. They have already recorded their EP ‘Anubis.’ Follow The White Swan on Facebook

October 12th, 2016  No Comments The White Swan, update

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