The day has come! Fire is out on all streaming services + physical media via Sumerian Records.
Check out this list of where you can find the new album here.

1. Fire
2. I Still Wear This Crown
3. Falter
4. Vultures
5. We Are Shadows
6. Wound
7. One Foot In The Grave
8. Are You Entertained?
9. Grime
10. Eyes Wide Open

Morgan Lander shares:

“We’ve gone from 0 to 100 within the last few years and it’s almost unfathomable that the culmination of all of our work sacrifice, pain and triumph has finally come to fruition with the release of our 7th studio album, “Fire”. We burn with more determination, focus and drive than ever, and hope that these elements resonate with every word, and can be heard in every note of this album. Fire is for you!”

You can find some awesome bundles available on the Sumerian Website if you haven’t purchased your copy just yet. Check that out here.

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The band has been on a roll releasing new videos for more tracks off their new album Fire.
Watch the new videos here ↴


One Foot In The Grave


Kittie was also interview on episode 51 of She’s With The Band.

This in-person chat takes us back to years ago when Kittie was a young band starting to gain quick traction on a global scale. Tara, Mercedes & Morgan discuss how they feel grateful today to be supported by some other metal icons after their triumphant return to the scene. The band also discuss their recent singles to hype their fans up for the release of their first full-length album in 13 years, Fire, due for release on June 21st.

Watch the interview here:

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Morgan’s vocals are superb on this song.

We Are Shadows released 4th April 2024.

Photography by Dante Dellamore

Morgan & Mercedes spoke with Louder Sound about each of their albums, there is a full interview in the May edition of Metal Hammer.

“We laid the foundations of who we have become as a band.” – Mercedes on the album ‘Until The End.’

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This is a unique line up but it covers a few different music tastes. That’s how you get new people into Kittie. 🙂

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Kittie released a mini documentary on youtube last week, a behind the scenes look at them filming the video for ‘Eyes Wide Open.’

They look amazing. I love these women.

A couple of new photos have popped up on Facebook also.

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Morgan has lent her vocals for Modern Witchcraft’s new song ‘Sugar for Rats.’

Modern Witchcraft Bandcamp

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“Eyes Wide Open is a vision quest for truth. It is a torch lit in the darkness of ignorance to reveal one’s true motives.”

A round up of write ups, announcements and reviews for ‘Eyes Wide Open.’

KITTIE Begins Teasing First New Album Since 2011 – Metal Injection

Kittie Deliver First New Single in 13 Years – KnotFest

“With renewed fury and unfathomable sonic brutality, the new era of Kittie has begun.”

Kittie Unleash ‘Eyes Wide Open’. – The Rock Revival

Purchase the single ‘Eyes Wide Open’.

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It’s giving me Jimmy Eat World ‘555’ vibes, this is a wickedly good tune. They definitely have a mature sound, Morgan’s vocals are so raspy and controlled. 11/10, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

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Kittie will release their first single in 12 years via Sumerian Records on Valentines Day – 14th February 2024.

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Current Projects
Active Brand
Non-alcoholic beer created by We Are Pigs in collaboration with Kittie.
Active Band
Melodic death metal band from Montreal featuring Morgan on vocals.
The White Swan
Active Band
Doomy sludge rock featuring Mercedes on guitar and vocals.
Active Band
Orchestral darkwave featuring Morgan. More info to come.
The Alcohollys
Band on Hiatus
Fun rock 'n roll band featuring Mercedes on drums & former member Tanya Candler on bass.
Witchfinger Horror Podcast
Active Podcast
Horror movie podcast run by Morgan, Yasmina and Megan.
That's Sexy? Podcast
Active Podcast
Comedy podcast run by Mercedes and her husband reading vintage erotica.
Origins/Evolutions Documentary
Available for viewing
Watch the band celebrate 20 years of Kittie with a DVD featuring never before seen footage that digs deep to give you the story behind the music.


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