While there isn’t a lot of news coming from the Kittie gals. We are going to throw up some old interviews & update the gallery in the meantime. Don’t forget to keep checking out Witch Finger Podcast and listen to some of Mercedes new tunes with The White Swan. Kittie is number 25 on Spins ‘30 Best Nu-Metal Songs‘. Episode 21 – Fright Night (June 26th, 2017) Credit Kittie Facebook

Join the ladies of Witch Finger Horror Podcast at the London Comic Con on Sunday September 25th at 2:15pm for a live review of Dead Alive! Movies, prizes, games and horror! Facebook

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Episode 10 – Hard Rock Zombies Episode 11 – Killer Clowns From Outer Space Trish is back in Canada for a visit. We hope you’re enjoying yourself Trish. It’s great to see the girls back together again. Kittie facebook

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Episode 9 – The Howling Episode 8 – Popcorn/Shock Stock Live Episode 7 – Gremlins 2 Episode 6 – Basket Case Episode 5 – Slaughter High Episode 4 – Spookies

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Witch Finger – Episode 2 ‘The Uninvited’ Witch Finger – Episode 3 – ‘The Willies’ Don’t forget to subscribe to their facebook/instagram/itunes. Click here. There have been a few videos uploaded to Youtube lately from old shows Kittie played. Check out these two videos. Kittie at the Paladium 2001 Kittie at Metropolis 2000

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  Morgan Lander has joined friends Yasmina & Megan to bring you a podcast named Witch Finger Horror, where they will be reviewing horror movies for you.   The girls of the Witch Finger podcast live and breathe the horror genre and want to bring their insights and musings to the masses. Yasmina, Megan and Morgan want to share their infatuation with horror with the rest of the world and

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Current Projects
Help celebrate 20 years of Kittie with a DVD featuring never before seen footage, and a tell-all book that digs deep to give you the story behind the music.
Witchfinger Horror Podcast
Morgan, Yasmina and Megan. Horror movie podcasts.
The White Swan
Featuring drummer Mercedes Lander on guitar and vocals.
Melodic death metal featuring Morgan on vocals.
The Alcohollys
Featuring drummer Mercedes Lander and former member Tanya Candler on bass.