Morgan – Modern Witchcraft ‘Sugar For Rats’ 2024

Morgan – We Are Pigs ‘Moot’ 2021

Morgan, Jeff – Buried Dreams (Carcass)

Morgan, Jeff – Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck (Prong)

Morgan, Mercedes, Tara – Forest City Fights Back 2020

Morgan Lander – Karkaos ‘Kolossós’ 2017

Morgan Lander – Trilateral ‘Whalefall’ 2017

Mercedes Lander – Yamaha RYDEEN 2017

Morgan Lander – Team Cybergeist ‘The End of All We Know’ 2010

Morgan Lander – Kataklysm ‘Turns To Rust’ 2005

Current Projects
Active Brand
Non-alcoholic beer created by We Are Pigs in collaboration with Kittie.
Active Band
Melodic death metal band from Montreal featuring Morgan on vocals.
The White Swan
Active Band
Doomy sludge rock featuring Mercedes on guitar and vocals.
Active Band
Orchestral darkwave featuring Morgan. More info to come.
The Alcohollys
Band on Hiatus
Fun rock 'n roll band featuring Mercedes on drums & former member Tanya Candler on bass.
Witchfinger Horror Podcast
Active Podcast
Horror movie podcast run by Morgan, Yasmina and Megan.
That's Sexy? Podcast
Active Podcast
Comedy podcast run by Mercedes and her husband reading vintage erotica.
Origins/Evolutions Documentary
Available for viewing
Watch the band celebrate 20 years of Kittie with a DVD featuring never before seen footage that digs deep to give you the story behind the music.


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