I’ve Failed You

The colors of my summer dress have bled out, faded to grey
I wear it like a scarlet letter, I cannot wipe away this stain
Can’t you see that I’ve failed you
Look now I’ve failed you
Ugly and telling, I rub my hands but still, the dirt remains
Just let me lie here,
For its the fucking bed I made.
Can’t you see that I’ve failed you
Look now I’ve failed you

We Are The Lamb

Tied to this post, without foresight, of what’s to come
The lamb he sings, the song of the martyr
He is the chosen one
The one to help us fail. The one to let us grow
The torch is passed on. We are the lamb
And who have we become now? A life longed to be lived?
Our fierce love, destined to destruct
By our own selfish hands.
The one to help us fail As blood runs cold
The torch is passed on, We are the lamb
We have so much to gain,
But our hearts won’t let us learn
Blinded by the pain of loss
And who have we become now?
We are the lamb

Whisper Of Death

All that I had,
I let slip through my hands
Poison to everything I touch.
The things I’ve done, so ruinous
Decaying love, a bondage broken,
Crumbling in my hands
Every word, destroying us
From my lips, born plague and death
The ghosts of the past come back to haunt me
Dressed in ash
The coldest whisper of death,
Breathing the end
Burn it down like a wildfire,
Goodbye my friend
I’ve learned to live without life
Defeat has taken my dying light
Lay down your arms, lay down your heart
The weight of your gravestone
The weight of my regret
A heavy heart as cold as marble
The promise, defying us
Weakness became my greatest strength

What Have I Done?

These tears I’ve cried a thousand
I’m slowly losing ground
Oh, what have I done?
Oh, a setting sun
Oh, what have I done?
Oh, a setting sun
In silence cold December
Just barely treading water
If to live is to suffer,
I have lived a thousand lives
Over and over, had my happiness denied
Lifeless and souless and
loveless and hopeless
A pathetic mess in a heap on the floor
I am the catalyst,
destroyer of my own world

Empires (Part 1)


Empires (Part 2)

You learn to swim, if it doesn’t kill you
Cried this ocean to reality
Tides will wash away what’s left of the city,
And the flood will pull you under with me
These streets have all but been abandoned
Even empires will fall
And here we are, we sit in silence
There is nothing left to say
Our lives lay scattered in the midst of the ruins
Giving up is the only way
These streets have all but been abandoned
Even empires will fall
These castles somehow built to crumble
Even empires will fall
Let the waves overtake me
As I fall to the floor
Let the black water fill me
Love exists here no more

Come Undone

I cast away the last of these chains
A loveless servitude awaits
A starlight delusion, the whisper of change
Feeds me like a starving wolfe
The blood of your own act
Marking the night sky
And follows you wherever you go
Freedom of will, extends out before me
Into the unknown
Out of the fire
Rise from the flame
I’ve come undone
Born of a bad sign
As black as the night sky
The endless darkness heaves
A prison, built of our own flesh
Painted with the blood of deceit
To break away from the comfort of safety,
And dance with an untamed beast
Enslaved by an unrest, a self imposed exile
To mourn alone, my only release
There’s no turning back
We will forever be,
United in loss

Already Dead

Destroy the spirit and the body will follow
Unraveling before you
No pulse, the void of my heart
Warmth and meter cease
I felt the end upon me but
I was already dead
A silence without warning
I was already dead
I writhe amongst the worms,
My words are now my spade.
Raising my hands to the sky,
The light forever beyond my reach
I felt the end upon me
I was already dead
A silence without warning
I was already dead
This is my curse
A waking nightmare
The plague of man defies me
I fear the worst
There is nothing inside me

Never Come Home

Dragging endless burden
This freedom clings to me
Like shackles oh no
In your eyes I’m found
But I can never come home
This tired search is never ending
Defeated, I lay down with
Ashes and dust
In your eyes I’m found
But I can never come home
And I still wander
Aimless and blind
I’m lost without refuge
I’m found in your eyes (I cling to your lies)
The people who smile to your face,
Will not remain, in the end
I wish they could hear the things you had said,
When you told me you hated this town
Trophies will tarnish
And I mourn what I cannot save
The home within you, reduced to ash,
In its place a barren grave.
In your eyes I’m found
But I can never come home
As the years go by
I wish I could turn back time


I’m so fucking mad I could tear my skin off
I want to be ugly, I want you to see
What its like to be empty inside,
To live, but never truly be free
I want to believe this is all but a dream
A trick of the mind that my life played on me
Awake and I’m breathing, a wasting disease
The torment is growing.
This grave lays open,
The light beyond my reach
In death there is no comfort,
You betrayed me
Just like me
I feel the end coming, I’m weak in the knees
The cold earth, a pine box, the cycle complete
All of the things that were not meant to be
The end of the line is defeat
And they’ll say she was such a good girl,
All the things she could be, she was too young to die
I welcome the stillness and sweet relief.
The promise of life is a lie
This grave lays open,
The light beyond my reach
In death there is no comfort,
You betrayed me
You’re ugly,
Just like me,
Bring me down


Time Never Heals

I keep this to myself.
Witness the end.
Fire to ember to ash
Time never heals
I want to believe this will pass,
But I can’t see beyond the black
I promised forever, but I let go.
From blue to red to black
Time never heals
You know that you were right.
So tired I cannot stand
Time never heals
I had to run to save myself
Time never heals
Fire to ember to ash
Time never heals…

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Active Brand
Non-alcoholic beer created by We Are Pigs in collaboration with Kittie.
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Melodic death metal band from Montreal featuring Morgan on vocals.
The White Swan
Active Band
Doomy sludge rock featuring Mercedes on guitar and vocals.
Active Band
Orchestral darkwave featuring Morgan. More info to come.
The Alcohollys
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Fun rock 'n roll band featuring Mercedes on drums & former member Tanya Candler on bass.
Witchfinger Horror Podcast
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Horror movie podcast run by Morgan, Yasmina and Megan.
That's Sexy? Podcast
Active Podcast
Comedy podcast run by Mercedes and her husband reading vintage erotica.
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Watch the band celebrate 20 years of Kittie with a DVD featuring never before seen footage that digs deep to give you the story behind the music.


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