Kittie’s debut album ‘Spit’, released 1999, was featured in Kerrangs ’21 Greatest Nu-Metal Albums of All Time’. 

They ranked it as number 16.

For better or worse, nu-metal marked metal revolution in many senses. Even still, it never proved capable of breaking down the boys-club of old. One excellent exception to that rule was Canadian all-female outfit Kittie. Built around the core duo of sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander – who were 17 and 15 respectively on this debut LP’s release – the Ontario quartet traded in a pulse-quickening combination of snarling riffage and punkish attitude (a blend of Korn’s heaviosity and the Riot Grrrl attitude of Hole and L7) and lyrics dealing with sexism, hatred, ignorance, betrayal and bullying. Song-titles like Suck, Spit, Get Off (You Can Eat A Dick) and Do You Think I’m A Whore bristle with unequivocal provocation. That fits perfectly.


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